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Falegnameria Aresi Success story

The challenge Aresi produces high technology performance wood and wood-aluminum windows for the professionals of the building construction sector. For Aresi, the focus is on its costumers, to support with the best windows solutions and with a proactive business service, providing full technical information on durability, maintenance etc., The solutions/freud solution/ Why freud Aresi rely on the direct contact with freud cutterhead technical office and on the continuous activity of the freud local dealer to receive all the needed informations. On the productions side Aresi counts take advantage of the convinience in using the resharpenable freud multiprofileedging that allows to use knives and inserts many times. The results The benfit to count on time, competence and support. "We have always used freud tools and blades and we are not interest in freud competitors comparison" Ing. Giancarlo Aresi